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Cyprus banks impose severe restrictions on depositors under bailout terms

Written on:March 29, 2013
Cyprus banks impose severe restrictions

Cyprus bailout deal worth £8.5bn reached, country averts bankruptcy

Written on:March 25, 2013
Bank of Cyprus ATM

Cyprus Bank imposes cash withdrawal limit, harried customers queue up at ATMs

Written on:March 22, 2013
Cyprus banks impose severe restrictions

Cyprus bailout sends world stocks tumbling down, UK stocks fall 1.6%

Written on:March 18, 2013
Asian stocks tumbled after Cypus bailout

Persistent eurozone recession blamed on tight lending and joblessness

Written on:February 22, 2013
Eurozone nations

Eurozone crisis worsens as Spanish recession deepens in fourth quarter

Written on:January 30, 2013
are closed
Spanish flag in Brussels

Eurozone unemployment hits record high, 18 million jobless

Written on:August 31, 2012
Unemployed people

Slumping eurozone economy forces job cuts

Written on:July 2, 2012

Unilever announces 800 layoffs in England and Wales

Written on:June 14, 2012

Spain to seek bailout from EU on Saturday

Written on:June 8, 2012
Bank of Spain