Jessops stops processing of online orders, does not honour gift vouchers

Written on:January 11, 2013
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Jessops does not accept vouchers

Jessops customers required to pay twice for pre-ordered cameras

Jessops administration has left its customers high and dry by stopping online purchases and gift vouchers as thousands of customers who pre-ordered pricey cameras from Jessops will have to pay again if they want them. Although the Jessops website clearly states on other web pages that vouchers priced between £20 and £500 cannot be collected in store, they are still listed as being available for “home and work delivery”. Attempts to add vouchers to the wish list prior to check-out then defaults to the same message that has been inserted on the home page.

Regarding processing of orders, Jessops website states on its home page: “Please note that the Jessops website will not currently process orders however you are able to read product descriptions, customer reviews and watch videos. Our Photo service website continues to trade as normal. To process your photographic work please click on the Photo Printing link on our main menu.”

Jessops decision not to honour customers’ gift vouchers has drawn a lot of flack from those who have made pre-orders. The situation is similar to last year when Comet customers found that they could not redeem cards as the electrical chain went into administration. An angry online customer of Jessops Francis Donnelly said, “I have over £150 of vouchers that I was given for my birthday in December, not only should they be valid I should be given a full refund as you would not want to buy anything from a shop that is going out of business. And anyone with vouchers should also be given any interest that the money sitting in their bank has made.”

Jessops staff, who were stunned at the revelation on Wednesday of Jessops going into administration, feel they would be at the receiving end from both the company and the customers. One Jessops worker said, “There are things people have paid for, reserved or ordered. But we’ve been told they can’t have it. Even if stuff is in for repair, we can’t give it back. Yet again it’s us in the front line who will get all the abuse.”

Meanwhile, Jessops administrators, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) said that the decision to honour deposits or vouchers would be made by the new buyer, the hunt for whom has begun. It is believed that lenders, directors, suppliers and potential buyers have been holding intense discussions last night and again this morning to save Jessops.


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  1. Ryan says:

    Jessops can be used as a launch platform so other retailers can think of buying out the chain. The age-old brand image would be beneficial.

  2. John says:

    Jessops did not invest in staff training. As a customer, i would not appreciate it if i venture into Jessops and ask a staff member to help me out with the latest zoom, and all they can tell me was what was already read by me on the chain’s website.

  3. Steve says:

    It is illegal for jessops to refuse vouchers if they are still trading under the name. This is law. If they do not accept them they can face criminal prosecution. Know your rights. They are not dictated to you by PWC.

  4. Suzanne Denness says:

    On Saturday 5th January I left a video with Jessops for transferring onto DVD. The video is of immense sentimental and historical value as it is a reproduction of Super 8 cinefilm shot by my Dad in the 1960′s. Mostly family and friends on the Isle of Wight but also some local events. I only left the video with them because I was assured the processing would be carefully tracked and transported by courier. I don’t care about the money lost but I am desperate to get the video back. There is no response from either the store telephone number or the help line number given to me by Price Waterhouse. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed. I’m desperate. Suzanne.

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