JD Wetherspoon to create 1,200 jobs across UK in 2013 with 30 new pubs

Written on:December 27, 2012
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JD Wetherspoons cafe

JD Wetherspoons to open 30 new pubs across many UK cities

JD Wetherspoon is all set to create 1,200 jobs in 2013 in an investment worth more than £35m, which would see 30 new pubs which would be opened across cities in the UK, including areas such as Cardiff, Fort William, Selby, Whitby, New Brighton and Fraserburgh. The additions will add to JD Wetherspoon’s current total of 866 pubs and bars.

JD Wetherspoon said that the company wished to create more jobs but was restricted due to the tax regime of the industry. Tim Martin, JD Wetherspoon chairman, said, “We are looking forward to opening the new pubs, many of which will be in areas where Wetherspoon is not yet represented. We are also pleased to be creating so many new jobs, especially during a recession. There is no question that we would open more pubs and create more jobs in 2013 if the increasing tax burden on pubs was reduced.”

Tim Martin has criticised successive governments on tax issues, stating that supermarkets have an unfair advantage because they do not have to pay the 20% VAT on food that pubs do, implying that people prefer to stay at home rather than venture out to a pub. Speaking about his decision to limit JD Weatherspoon’s expansion plans in 2012, Tim Martin put the blame on increasing tax in hospitality industry.

Founded in 1979, JD Wetherspoon is known for cask ale, low prices, long opening hours, and no music. The pub chain is also famous for converting large premises such as cinemas, post offices and banks, into pubs.


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  1. B.A. says:

    Great, more average wetherspoons to push our good old proper British pubs out of business.

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