Health insurance: 5 companies for best private medical covers

Written on:April 3, 2013
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When it comes to healthcare needs of the individuals it is quality cover that has comprehensive features which matters and hence many people prefer the private health insurance companies to meet their requirements. However as inflation is being outpaced by premiums resulting in shrinking the choice of the insurer it signifies some tough times for those even on the private health insurance card.

The five companies that offer the best medical cover

Although the big players in the private insurance sector seem to cover nearly 90% of the market but that doesn’t deter some small players from making their presence felt for they are carving their own niche. The below mentioned companies might not be making it to the top of health insurance magazines but surely have made it to this list:

  1. Active Quote: offers an unlimited maximum annual cover period and the service can be availed of in a number of hospitals that are spread over UK. In addition to it the claims are settled directly, has a maximum age limit of 99 years and there are no compulsory excesses that you have to pay.
  2. Saga Health Insurance: specializes in providing health care needs to those above fifty years of age and offers a comprehensive plan range at substantial prices. The key feature of the plan is that there is no upper age limit and offers a three months free cover in case the policy is held for twelve months and paid through monthly Direct Debit.
  3. Aviva: A popular insurance company which provides a free first three months service as long as no private healthcare policy has been held for the past twelve months with this organisation. The insurance covers hospital charges, a dedicated cancer support, 24-hour GP helpline, access to recent treatments and drugs with a family package choice. You even get an entry level 66% discount on the premium in the first year.
  4. Freedom Health Insurance: This insurer offers an innovative plan known as ‘Your Choice’ that gives the user the choice of payment method if a disease diagnosing a treatment comes up. The patient can even resort to an overseas medical treatment or even take the services from NHS that allows the patient to keep nearly half private treatment cost to himself/herself. There are four levels of covers that are available to the patient with a 100,000 Euro cover in the Diamond Plan that falls to 30,000 per year for an inpatient one.
  5. Passport2Health: This company has claimed to cut the premiums by nearly 50% as it pays for private health cover in Britain and overseas. The policy covers MRI, PET Scan, CET that costs nearly 1300 Euros per year with option for overseas travel, treatment and accommodation as well as post-treatment cure in United Kingdom. However, the health insurance card doesn’t cover those illnesses that require treatment over an extended period.

Choose the one that fits your budget and that suits your needs this year and go for the private health cover that is customised to be termed as the best private health insurance UK.


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