Comet fire sale discounts of 10-20% dashes customers hopes

Written on:November 8, 2012
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Comet’s fire sale hampers customers’ enthusiasm

Comet fire sale which began at 9 am this morning has left customers high and dry with the low discount levels. Angry shoppers took to Twitter to express their anguish about the price reductions.

The electrical chain’s administrators are attempting to close down Comet, and in the mean time trying to sell of as many products as possible. After the Comet fire sale announcement this morning, many customers lined up to make the most of the bargain, but were left deeply disappointed at the offering of discounts between 10 to 20%.

Currently, Comet’s website only offers a question and answer page, store locations and confirmation that gift cards will be accepted during the sale.

Scott Houston, a customer, said, “Comet ‘Firesale’ is no more than 10-15% off. Prices aren’t even competitive with online prices. Time wasted.”

Matt Arthur tweeted, “Anyone thinking of going to the Comet “liquidation sale”, don’t bother. 10% off audiovisual, 20% off kitchen appliances, still cheaper online.” But there were some who could manage to get a good bargain, like Alex Pegg, who tweeted, “In-pulse buy of the day, an Apple ProBook (£100 off from Comet)”.

Comet also warned customers that it would no longer provide refunds, and any goods ordered but not paid for prior to administration will not be delivered. Comet, which fell into administration last week, is on the verge of closing down as its administrators, Deloitte, are looking out for suitable buyers. This would jeopardise 6,000-odd jobs at the electrical chain.

As the market awaits with baited breath for the dismal news of the biggest high street collapse since Woolworths in 2008, Comet’s rival Dixon has offered Christmas jobs to Comet staff. Speculations are rife that Comet stores will begin closing down next week.

Comet fire sale begins today, gift cards accepted at all branches
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  1. Pc says:

    “High and dry” = stranded, without hope. “Anguish” = mental/physical pain or worry. “sell of as many” should be “sell off as many”. “Make the most of the bargain” don’t you mean bargains?

    Is Ms Hartson on work experience?

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