BAE Systems to hire 400 apprentices in its largest recruitment drive in years

Written on:February 11, 2013
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BAE Systems office

BAE Systems hires apprentices for its military aircraft division

BAE Systems is on a recruitment spree and is about to hire 400 apprentices this year, which is its highest number of hiring since the financial crash. All the 400 apprentices have guaranteed job at the end of a three-year scheme and around 10% will go on to join the five-year, degree-equivalent programme, free from tuition fees. This year’s BAE System’s apprenticeship recruitment will see hiring in submarine-building, shipbuilding and military aircraft division, among others.

Regarded as one of the highest-quality recruitment programmes in the industry with an investment of £80,000 per apprentice training, BAE Systems sees its apprentice recruitment as a vital part of securing the advanced skills it needs for the future.

BAE Systems has recruited around 300 apprentices every year since 2008, but this year it has gone a step ahead and announced the recruitment of 387. Among the 387, 140 engineering and business apprentices will be hired in Cumbria over the course of the year. These 140 apprentices will join They will join BAE Systems’ submarine-building business in Barrow, with a further 100 to be recruited at its shipbuilding sites in Portsmouth and Glasgow. BAE Systems is building the Navy’s latest Astute Class nuclear submarines.

To its credit, BAE Systems also saved 6,000 jobs when it had won the Oman military aircraft contract last year after the debacle of EADS merger plans. The BAE Systems job creation announcement comes as fear of skills shortage intensifies in the construction industry. Panic struck the construction industry when a study by Project Resource, a recruiter, revealed that the sector has a “severe shortage” of white-collar workers with experience, which is driving up wages. The report suggests that the decision to scrap graduate programmes during recession is coming back to haunt the industry.

About the BAE Systems’ recruitment drive, Nigel Whitehead, BAE Systems group managing director, said, “We like to train people from an early age and find that the combination of on-the-job training and academic study without debt, is a great motivator for our apprentices to stay with us.”


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