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Ofgem directives to lower energy fare may make 3.4m customers overpay by £55m

Written on:April 22, 2013
Burning on a gas stove in the kitchen

How Margaret Thatcher revolutionised British economy

Written on:April 19, 2013
Margaret Thatcher-British economy

Job switching Britons forget pension windfall worth £3bn, says Age UK

Written on:April 11, 2013

Cyprus banks impose severe restrictions on depositors under bailout terms

Written on:March 29, 2013
Cyprus banks impose severe restrictions

Cyprus bailout deal worth £8.5bn reached, country averts bankruptcy

Written on:March 25, 2013
Bank of Cyprus ATM

British gas prices record 7-year high after UK-Belgium pipeline shuts down

Written on:March 22, 2013
Oil refinery plant

Cyprus Bank imposes cash withdrawal limit, harried customers queue up at ATMs

Written on:March 22, 2013
Cyprus banks impose severe restrictions

Budget 2013: George Osborne’s populist budget cuts beer, fuel duty

Written on:March 21, 2013
George Osborne -Budget 2013

Budget 2013: What to expect from George Osborne’s ministerial red box

Written on:March 20, 2013
George Osborne to announce budget 2013

Cyprus bailout sends world stocks tumbling down, UK stocks fall 1.6%

Written on:March 18, 2013
Asian stocks tumbled after Cypus bailout